On C&E Security we sell and provide information about non lethal self defense products. We focus on Stun Guns and Pepper sprays and carry all major brands.

Why non lethal self defense products

In the news we hear more and more about the use of weapons for self defense. The number of people being prosecuted for the use of lethal force is increasing.   When you use a non lethal self defense items like a pepper spray or stun gun the changes on legal problems are a lot lower.   In case of lethal force or even when a fire arm is involved the judges look at it in a different way when there are non lethal weapons involved.   At C&E Security we have nothing against guns. We just think we should give the option to buy non lethal self defense weapons.   Why stun guns and pepper sprays are not legal in a number of states while guns are is something we don't understand. Just make sure to check your local rules and laws before you order a stun gun or pepper spray from our store.   For any questions you can contact us.