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Do Stun Guns Go Through Clothes

do stun guns go through clothesThere are people wondering if a stun gun will go through clothes and the simple answer is Yes !!
It is however depending on what kind of clothes.
If you ask me if a taser will go through a leather jacket I would so no in case of a regular stun gun.

If your attacker wears a leather jacket it might not work to good. After all leather is a very good insulator.

A police taster like we sell is a different story I think. It depends if the probes will go through the leather jacket and stick in the skin of the attacker or not.

There are also other places where you can stun someone. Even on a hand or in the neck. The neck is probably a very effective place since it is close to your head.

We have found a short video form someone who stunned himself with 4 layers of clothing and as you can see it still hurt pretty bad.

Remember that the higher the voltage is the more penetrating power you have.
Look at our high voltage stun gun page to find the one that will suit your situation the best.