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Stun Gun Information And Facts

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About Stun Guns

Many people still think that a stun device is a lethal self defense product but this is not the case.
The Low amps in a stun gun mostly causes a painful experience for attacker.
Sometimes a high voltage stun gun is advertised as a better option and for more penetrating power.
We answered the question “do stun guns go through clothes” in this post.
A stun gun has two probes and will send an electric shock from one to the other probe and if there is skin in between the electric current will go from the skin through the nerve system and shut down some parts of the body.
This can, depending on where someone is stunned, cause a temporarily muscle contraction and so much discomfort that the attacker most of the time will change his mind.

Why a high voltage stun gun

A high voltage stun gun has an advantage over a lower voltage stun device.
The higher voltage will give more penetration force if you have to stun someone through his clothes.
That is the only advantage. Most companies use it as a sales pitch as if it has more stunning power.
This is not true. The power comes from the amps and not from the voltage although more voltage might give more inconvenience.

Voltage and amps of a stun gun

An electric device uses volts and amps.
Volts can basically not kill someone.
Have you ever been on a farm with an electric fence? This is just high volts and low amps.
Amps however, even as low as 1 amp, can kill someone.
A stun gun that is called a high powered stun gun will not have a lot of amps
a 3 to 4 milliamps is already a high powered stun gun.
This is 3 or 4 thousands of one ampere. Way below the power to kill someone.

How does a stun gun stop an attack?

for a stun gun to be effective you have to touch your attacker with it.
The best place is the skin but most stun guns and the high voltage series will go through clothes also.
The way a stun gun stops an attacker is through the voltage and the amps in the stun gun.
As soon as you activate the stun gun it will discharge its voltage and the low amps into your attacker.
This will cause a lot of pain and if you keep touching him it will cause a muscle contraction.
When you keep going it will eventually bring him down to the ground because he will loose his balance and orientation.
Here is my advice. Forget all manuals. Shock him as long as you can and then run. Call the cops or find help.

How does it feel to be stunned

I would not advice you to test it on yourself. There are many YouTube videos of people getting stunned available if you would like to watch that.
I have never been stunned but people told met that it feels like hitting your funny bone but then ten-thousand times worse.
Update: I did stun myself by accident. I charged my flashlight stun gun in the house and wanted to check the LED light of it after charging. I forgot however that I pushed the button to far and activated the stun function while I had my fingers on the probes on the front. Just stunned my finger tips and this already hurts like hell. Now I can imagine a little how it feels to be stunned in a more sensitive area.

Can you be stunned while stunning someone

This is a question we get a lot and the answer is a simple NO.
All the energy will stay in your attacker and even when you touch him while using a stun gun it will not flow into your body. Reason is in my opinion that the electric flow goes from one probe to the other probe and in this way it will not effect you when you touch you attacker.

Types of stun devices

There are many types of stun guns available and there is one for every situation.
I prefer to have a flashlight stun gun in my car . The flashlight always comes in handy and makes the stun gun look less like a stun device since it is hidden in a normal usable LED flashlight. Most of them are rechargeable and come with charger for the car and one for in your house.
A woman might prefer a lipstick stun gun for in her purse. This will look like a normal lipstick but your attacker will find out that this is not the case.
An option that is becoming more popular is a high voltage cell phone stun gun. This just looks like a cell phone but it is a high powered stun gun. Many people walk, jog and shop with a cell phone in their hand. That makes this a perfect disguised stun device.
The ultimate protection can come from a taser product. But this is different type of stunning device and can not be compared to a stun gun although legally it is considered the same.

Cons of a stun gun

A stun gun even if it looks like a flashlight, cell phone or lipstick is only effective if you are close to your attacker.
That is the only disadvantage. You have to be close enough to touch him or her and preferably on bare skin.
Although firing a stun gun in the air for one or two seconds already can make any attacker think twice to continue with his action. They know this sound from the many law enforcement shows on TV.
A stun gun is only effective if properly charged or with fresh batteries. An empty stun gun will do no harm to anyone. Is this a con? Yes maybe but if you keep it charged and check this at least once a month there will be no problem.

Testing a stun gun

Test firing a stun gun is good a to test if its still charged enough.
Be aware that firing a stun gun in the air should only be done for one or two seconds.
A longer test might cause damage to the device and make it mail function.

The stun guns in our store

Stun guns in our storeA stun gun is one of the most effective non lethal self defense devices available.
Just the sound of stun-guns alone will make most attackers think twice before they continue.
On this page you will find links to all the stun guns in our store. Organized in a way that it is easy to find the stun gun for your specific situation.



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