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Staying Safe In The New Year

Safety and protection in the new year that is coming our way is even more important than in most recent years.
There seem to be more personal attacks on people than we have ever seen.
Guns sales are rising and the number of news items about violence are also increasing.

Personal protection in 2018

This is a good reason to start thinking about your and your family personal protection in this new year.
Although many blogs and news articles suggest that carrying a gun on you is one of the best options for self defense we at C&E Security have a different opinion about that.

First of all it is not allowed in every state or even certain cities to carry a deadly weapon on you and second of all it takes time and classes to follow a concealed carry class and get approved by your state police for this license.

On the other hand Stun guns and pepper sprays are allowed in about every state and you do not need a permit to carry it on you.
A pepper spray or stun gun is easy to conceal and most attackers do not expect to get tased or sprayed in the face with items that look like something we all have on us.

Although we have nothing against guns and own a few our self we do believe that using deadly force should be a last resource and that we have enough non lethal self defense products available to do so.

Non lethal self defense options

Examples of easy to conceal items that contain a stun guns or pepper spray are easy to find in our non lethal self defense products shop.
We can mention a few like lipstick pepper spray and lipstick stun gun for woman or a flashlight stun gun for man to carry in the door compartment of your car.

These flashlight with build in stun guns are giving you a triple use. They can be used in case of an emergency as a regular flashlight.
From a safety point of few you can blind your attacker and stun him with the same product.

More options to stay safe in 2018

One of the easiest ways to stay safe is called “common sense” and it is also free.
It just makes sense to think about you safety in every situation and to avoid situations that can turn into a disaster.

Examples are things like using an ATM after dark. Try to use them in daylight and if you really have to use one at night be sure to find one that is at the front of the building and not in a dark parking in the back.

Another example is going to the store after dark. Just by thinking logical and park you car close to the store in a spot with enough light you can prevent any problem already. If you still do not feel safe ask a employee of the store to walk with you to you car I think that they will be most willingly to do so.

You see that safety and staying safe does not have to be hard to implement in our daily lives.
Common sense and trying to avoid possible risky places at certain times can be more than sufficient to stay safe in 2018.

The entire staff of C and E Security wishes you a safe and blessed 2018.

Edward and Carolyn.