Trigger Stun Gun


A Trigger 18 million volt stun guns is more than a stun gun. They come with a flashlight, disable pin, holster and wrist strap. Blind you attacker and then stun him with 18.000.000 volts and 4.8 milliamps.

Trigger stun gun available in 7 colors

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Trigger 18 million volts stun guns are more than a stun gun. These stun guns come with several more features that can improve your safety.
This is one of the safety technology stun guns and comes with a lot of extras.

Trigger 18.000.000 volt stun gun and flashlight features

  • 18.000.000 Volts
  • 4.9 Milli-amps
  • Wrist strap
  • Disable pin
  • Flashlight
  • Quick pull trigger
  • 7 colors

Trigger stun-gun colors

  • Trigger stun gun black
  • Trigger stun gun blue
  • Trigger stun gun green
  • Trigger stun gun pink
  • Trigger stun gun purple
  • Trigger stun gun red
  • Trigger stun gun zebra

18 million volts provides a lot of penetrating power and the 4.9 milliamps is a lot of stopping power.
Carry this stun-gun with you in the nice holster and no one will even think that you carry a high voltage stun gun for protection.

Even without the holster you can carry it on you easily. The size is just a little over 4.5 inches and can be carried in your pocket or for the ladies in their purse.

The wrist strap is also connected to the disable pin. The Trigger stun gun with disable pin will make it impossible for an attacker to use your stun-gun on you. As soon as the disable pin is removed the stun gun will not work anymore.

This is also good to use while charging it in an outlet with the connected charger. This will prevent curious kids from playing with it and get hurt.

The trigger comes with a handy flashlight that has a strength of 100 Lumen. A flashlight always comes in handy in many situations.

This high voltage stun gun is powered with a nickel cadmium battery can holds it charge up to three months all of course depends on how much you use it.

The rubber coating and easy to use trigger makes it easy to hold and operate.

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 4.6 x 1.75 x 0.9 in

Black, Blue, Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Zebra