Pepper Spray Pen


A pepper spray that looks like a pen is something no one expect an this makes it a perfect personal production product.

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What is an easier way to hide a powerful pepper spray then in a pen.

You can carry this pepper spray pen on you or in a purse like a normal pen just as most people have on them daily and surprise your attacker with a strong 10% fine course effective pepper spay in his or her face.

This will leave your attacker immobilized and disoriented for a while and gives you the opportunity to find help or run away.

This pen contains a w million Scoville fine grind pepper spray and also an identifying dye.
Not only will this make your attacker regret he even tried he will also be marked and easy to find because of the dye that is hard to remove.

Easily take of the top and the pepper pen is ready for use

pepper spray in a pen

An affordable personal protection product that is easy to hide and is very effective

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