Inert Practice Pepper Spray


Practice makes perfect and our inert practice pepper spray will help you to achieve that goal.

This is the best and cheapest way to get familiar and proficient in defending yourself without thinking!

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Inert Inert practice pepper spray

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To become good and confident in using a pepper spray you have to find a way to practice. Wasting a real pepper spray is an option but not the best one. Using an inert water based practice pepper spray will provide you with a very cheap options to become proficient in using you pepper spray.

This is water filled and pressurized like the real pepper spray to build up your confidence and trust in using a pepper spray on your attacker.

Our inert OC training canister feel and handles like our regular pepper sprays. Use one of them training pepper sprays that is also used one of the fake pepper spray for the film industry.

Besides giving you the perfect opportunity to practice it will build up your confidence and trust in the pepper spray. Your reflex will help you not to have to think in a stressful situation. With practicing over and over you will have an almost automated reflex to pull your pepper spray, aim and spray.

People spend hours at gun ranges to become better in shooting their gun. You should do the same with your pepper spray.

Make yourself comfortable and experienced with your pepper spray and practice in:

  • Reaching for it
  • Unlocking it
  • Aiming with it
  • Spraying with it

By doing this you will achieve several things. You will feel more confident and this alone can already make an attacker thing twice.
In case you have to use your pepper spray you will have no problem getting it ready and use it effective, because of the training you did.

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