Bear Spray Holster For Mace and Guard Alaska Bear Spray


Nylon holster for the Bear sprays in our store. Fits both brands we carry very well and will help you keep your bear spray ready for action.

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This nylon beat spray holster with the belt loop and the Velcro fits both our bear sprays we carry in our store.

The Mace bear spray and the Guard Alaska bear spray are about the same size and this holster fits both of them.
The Velcro covers the top of the spray and this will prevent you from discharging by accident. It is still pretty easy and fast to open and get to your bear spray.

The belt loop makes it easy to carry and keep your hands free for all other things.

We highly recommend the use of any type of holster for your camping or hiking trips in bear country and practice reaching for it and open it to get ready for action.

A bear attack always come faster than you think and in many cases unexpected.

Be prepared when you think you might have to use an of our effective and what we think best bear sprays you better practice and be ready and comfortable in using it.

Park officials advise to have your bear protection spray on you at all times. Keeping it in a backpack, even on the side, makes it to hard to reach in case of an emergency.

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