High Voltage Stun Guns

High voltage stun guns or tasers have more penetrating power

You can find all our highest amps and voltage stun guns here.

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With a high voltage stun gun taser you will have more penetrating power to incapacitated your attacker

Our stun gun voltage vary from 7.5 million volts to 20.000.000 Volt of stopping power. Our high voltage stun guns are of the highest quality and many of them are made of aluminum.

Although higher voltage is a great advantage it is also good to use a highest amps stun gun.

for buying a high voltage stun gun or taser you should look at the following options and see what you need:

  • Plastic or aluminum
  • Rechargeable or not
  • Wall charger or car charger
  • How many amps
  • Easy to conceal
  • Small or large

These are just a few of the options you have for a survivor or ultra high voltage stun gun.

We carry all major brands in our self defense product store to help you stay safe.

Showing all 6 results