Stun Guns

We specialize in HIGH QUALITY STUN GUNS in a variety of shapes and Voltages. Bring your attacker to his knees with a HIGH VOLTAGE OR FLASHLIGHT STUN GUN

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Stun Guns for non-lethal self defense

Stun guns are one of the best options for a non lethal self defense product that people are looking for.
We can help you find the right stun gun taser for your situation.

Available stun gun options

We have several stun gun options in our store for you to choose from.

  • high voltage stun guns
  • flashlight stun guns
  • small concealed stun guns
  • Rechargeable stun guns
  • Stun guns with safety pin
  • Stun guns for woman

There is always a solution and a stun gun available in our store for your situation.

Our advice about using a stun gun

The best stun gun is the one you learn to use in any situation. Having a stun gun on you and not knowing how to use it is not a good idea.

At least practice with pulling it out of your pocket or the stun gun holster that came with it. This will ensure that you are able to grab it when you need it.

Showing 1–12 of 15 results