Keychain Pepper Spray

Pepper spray keychain are perfect to hide your pepper spray

Still fully functional as a keyring for daily use.

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A keychain pepper spray is compact, discreet and easy to carry

They are great for:

  • Runners
  • Walkers
  • Joggers
  • As Animal repellent

The small pepper spray key-chains can be carried disguised or hidden in a nice or even cute leatherette girly pink holster with many designs.

Pepper spray keychain prices are very affordable in our online store. we are proud to have a selection of some of the strongest keychain pepper sprays like you can read in the customer mace pepper spray reviews.

For the ladies we have a full range of pepper spray in a keychain that are very fashionable, discreet and they come in many colors one of them is the pink keychain pepper spray.

Don’t let these nice girly colors fool you. This pepper spray in them is very strong and will incapacitate your attacker and some of them have a identifying dye for police to find him later.

Advantages of a keychain pepper spray

Most people wear there keys on a keyring or chain. This makes it the perfect place to keep your self defense spray close to you all day long.

The pepper spray can be easily removed from the chain to keep it in your pocket or purse and it will still be available for action if needed.

Showing all 6 results