For Ladies

Self defense products for women for women are different than for man and need to be more disguised

We have many options available in our store and will be able to help you with any color including pink.

Pink pepper spray and Pink stun guns are a great self defense product for woman and can be carried disguised and hidden in many normal products that woman use every day. Lipstick, Keyrings and many other items.

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The Women’s self defense products we sell in our online store are stylish and most effective

Our stun guns, tasers and pepper sprays are designed to be used by women and are disguised in products you use every day like a lipstick, a pen or even a cell phone.

Browse through our store to find the best self defense products for women and find the best women’s personal defense weapons to carry.

Since woman are more fashion conscious we have many product available in different colors.

Showing all 12 results