Bear Spray

Hiking. biking or camping in bear country? With our bear pepper spray you can make any attacking bear change his mind in no time.

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Bear spray is proven to be successful in stopping an aggressive bear

This is not just our thoughts but confirmed by the USA national park service website.

Tip for using bear spray

  • Keep it close to you
  • Practice in getting out of the holster
  • It is not a insect repellent
  • Watch the expiration date

Travel with bear spray

Bear spray can not be taken on an airplane. If the the temperature rises above 120 degrees Fahrenheit it can explode. Make sure your car does not reach that temperature.

Bear spray and an attacking bear

The effectiveness of a bear spry depends on how you use it on an attacking bear. Here are some tips.

  • Remove the safety clip and wait for the bear to be in a range of 30 -60 feet.
  • Spray the bear so that it had to pass the cloud of spray
  • Keep spraying at his face if he keeps coming at you
  • If he turns away leave as fast as you can, but do not run</li.

You know that most biologist, professional guides and most park rangers prefer bear spray over the use of a gun in a bear attack?. This is because it is proven that a bear spray is more effective than a gun.

Showing all 2 results