Pepper Sprays

key chain pepper spray The effectiveness of pepper spray is well known from the many law enforcement TV shows there are.

Any pepper spray will give your attacker so much discomfort that they will instantly leave you alone.

in our pepper spray store we carry all major brands and a variety of pepper sprays for any situation.

On a key chain or on the sun visor in your car or even in a holster on your belt for outdoor activities.



Three categories of effective pepper sprays



More pepper spray products

Pepper spray pen

pen with pepper spray

A pen with a pepper spray built in. Easy to use and a perfect disguise. Click here >>pepper spray pen << To see all the details.




Sun visor pepper spray

pepper spray on car visor

A pepper spray on the sun visor of your car is always within reach and very effective and easy to use. Feel safer in your car with our cheap pepper spray for your car’s sun visor. Click here >>Car visor pepper spray << to see all the product details.