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Lipstick Stun Gun With Flashlight And Charger

lipstick stun gun with flashlight and charger Who will expect a powerful stun gun hidden in a lipstick and also containing an led flashlight.
This stun-master lipstick stun gun with flashlight is the perfect self defense product for woman andcomes with a handy charger to keep the amps and voltage to the maximum to shock any attacker and make him change his mind real fast.


lipstick stun gun review

I found a video on YouTube from a review of the Stun-Master lipstick stun gun we have in our store.

You can see the lipstick stun gun here in our lipstick stun-gun selection by clicking on that link.
The Stunmaster is available in 5 fashionable colors to match you outfit at any time.
3.000.000 volts in combination with the 4.2 milliamps will hurt your attacker as you can see in the video.

By using this lipstick stun gun there is also the element of surprise that will bring your attacker of balance and give you the time to run or call for help.

The video shows that how longer the stun gun is hold to the attacker the more discomfort he will feel.
In the video he knew it was coming and already fell of his chair. Picture this in a situation that he does not expect this to happen to him.

all you need is a couple of seconds to get away or have the opportunity to call for help and this self defense product will give you that change.
As you can see the built in flashlight is also a very handy feature. Even if you just use it to find something in the dark in your car or the keyhole of your car of house it will make you feel a lot safer.
In my opinion every woman should have multiple self defense products on her at all times. The lipstick taser with flashlight is a very affordable self defense product for woman that you can find in our store.