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Free Key Ring Pepper Spray

Our Free Key Ring Pepper Spray

Our free key ring pepper spray- only pay shipping and handling.
Normal Price $10.95 Now Free for you!!
We do not ship to New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii!!
==>> Not Available at this time!! <<== Sold out!!
Have a look at our keychain-pepper-sprays now and come back later to check for a freebie.


It is important for us to improve your safety. This give away product requires nothing than that you pay for shipping and handling.
This pepper spray is filed with a 10% pepper spray wit a 2.000.000 Scoville Heat Units. The very fine grade makes it to one of the most effective pepper sprays available.

This will bring your attacker to his knees with difficulty breathing and he will not be able to keep his eyes open.
It can take up to 45 minutes before he can open his eyes again and can breath normal. This gives you time to run away or get help.

This FREE PEPPER SPRAY has a quick release key chain and a locked button to prevent accidental discharge.
Effective up to 8 feet and you can spray 5 times for 1 second.