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Flashlight Stun Guns Perfect For Self Defense

stun gun flashlight combinations A stun gun flashlight is a perfect combination.
We all need to have a LED flashlight in our car for emergencies. Why not turn it into a combo with a rechargeable stun gun and be protected at the same time.
This turns the LED flashlight stun gun into a perfect self defense product that can be used in two ways.

  • Bright LED flashlight to blind your attacker
  • Strong stun gun to stun him

In our store we have several products that will fit your needs. Safety and protection wise a stun gun and flashlight is a perfect combination.
Click here to see all the Flashlight stun guns we have available for your protection in our store.

The flashlight will come in handy in any situation and the stun gun will protect you in any situation.
An LED flashlight uses a lot less electricity then a regular older type with one of them small light bulbs in it.
This means that if you do not use the stun gun option the battery will last a longer time than that old flashlight you have or had.

One option that we have available is a modern product ant this is a cell phone stun gun that comes with a 12 million volts and a built in flashlight like most modern cell phones have.
This one you can carry on you like a normal cell phone and your attacker will be surprised when you take it out of you pocket to stun him.

Flashlight stun gun models we have in our store

Bashlite stun gun flashlight

The Baslite stun gun in our store comes in the 2 colors black and camouflage and contains a whooping 15 million volt and what is even more stunning a 4.7 milliamps to stop your attacker right away. You can have a Bashlite stun gun flashlihgt by clicking on the link and see all the features

Stunmaster covert flashlight stun gun

One of our best selling stun gun flashlight combinations is the Stunmaster covert stun gun that comes with a charger for in the car and one for at home or the office.
If you click on here on the covert Stunmaster 9 million volts stun flashlight combination you can read all the features.


Stun Master 18 million volts and mobile charger

stun master mobile charger stungun Stun Master 18.000.000 Volts stun gun with a built in practical and easy to use charger for mobile devices.
Click here to see all the features.




What is the best flashlight stun gun combination

We get a lot of questions what the best stun gun flashlight is. It is hard to give an answer on this question.
It depends on your specific situation and where you will use. All I can suggest is to buy the best quality you can afford. We have several that are made of hard plastic and several that are made of air craft aluminum in their housing. If you are a heavy user of a flashlight the air craft aluminum is maybe the best for you. If you only need it once in a while and not carry it around a lot the hard plastic that is a little cheaper is maybe your best combo.

Click on one of the links to see all our what we call the best stun gun flashlight combinations for your security.