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Flashlight Stun Gun With Disable Pin

runt stun gun with disable pin

flashlight stun gun with disable pinSome people wonder why it can be a good idea to have a flashlight stun gun that also comes with a disable pin.
It is pretty easy to explain why a flashlight stun gun itself is a great choice when it comes to a non lethal self defense product.

Flashlight is a bear necessity

A flashlight is something that we all should have in our house or car.
Or even in both. Have you ever looked for your flashlight in your car and just remembered that you used it at home and forgot to put it back in your car? I have done that several times.
Reason enough to have one in both places.

Why a flashlight stun gun with disable pin

I can hear you ask this question and the answer is simple.
In my opinion it is not a necessity, but an extra layer of protection and self defense.
Some people call this safety feature also a stun gun with safety pin. It is basically the same thing of course.

In a situation that you are forced to use your flashlight as a stun gun there is a slight possibility that your attacker is maybe not impressed with the sound that your high voltage stun gun makes and tries to get it from you.

In this situation it is good that there is a disable pin that will make it impossible for him or her to turn the tables and use it on you instead you using it in him.

What does the disable pin do?

In general a disable pin does what the name says. It disables the use of the stun option of the flashlight and even makes it unusable as a flashlight in most cases.

This leaves it completely useless in the hands of someone else or if the attacker is in possession of your stun gun.

It can also be a good idea if you have on at home and your children try to “play” with it while it is for example on the charger.

As you can read a flashlight stun gun with disable pin can have some benefits and give some extra safety.

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A stun gun with the extra feature of a disable pin can give you that extra layer of security and keep you safe from being stunned by your own stun gun.