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Car Sun Visor Pepper Spray

Car visor pepper sprayWith a Car Sun Visor Pepper Spray you will feel safer in you car. With the number of car jacking and robberies on the rise this is an effective and affordable self defense item.

Why a pepper spray on a sun visor

Don’t become the victim of a robbery while you are in your car. There is a rising number of robberies on cars that are waiting for a stop light or have their windows down while waiting. People just grab in your car through the window or open your door to rob you.
Feel safer with this pepper spray for a car that is attached to your sun visor with an easy clip. It takes just a moment to grab and use it on any attacker.
This is also a very effective non lethal self defense product for woman who get bothered by a passenger.


A car pepper spray is very effective and can not be reach by an attacker from outside the car.
You can take it our of the clip and keep it in your purse when you leave your car.
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Maybe no the most high tech solution for self defense but very effective and easy to install in any car. You can also take it of the small bracket and carry it with you when you leave the car.
I have one in my car myself and like the fact that it is within reach and easy to grab in case I need it. I got some questions about the hot summers and if a pepper spray is causing any problems like leaking or exploding. I live in a climate here in Kentucky where it can get pretty hot in the summer and have never had any problems with my sun visor pepper spray.