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Campus Safety Tips

Safety tips for college and universtiy campus
It is becoming more a norm to go to college after finishing high school and this means that there are more people on the campus and this will automatically like in normal life also means more safety threats.

A college is a place were a lot of activity is going on and not always the right type of activity. Some college students are for the first time away from home and enjoying a new type of freedom.

This freedom also comes with a new type of responsibility and unfortunately not all students handle this the right way and we all read or hear in the news that college life is not always as safe as we might think it is.

If you are looking for the safest college it can mean that you have to relocate to a town that it to far for you or a college that is simple to expensive for your budget.

For a lot of students there is not the option available to live in an apartment since this is very expensive so they have to live in a dorm building. This bring up a total new sort of campus safety.

There are a few tips that are very useful and do only require common sense to follow. Here are a few we also mentioned in our 10 self defense tips for woman article:

  • Never walk alone
  • Trust your instincts
  • Dress modest

We recommend that every girl or woman should have at-least one type of self defense product on them and you can find all our self defense products for woman at this link.

It is hard to give any personalized advise on these products and you have to make your own choice and pick one that you feel comfortable with.

It just makes sense to me to hide it in a product like a lipstick with a built in stun gun like our stunmaster lipstick stun gun.
If you are not comfortable or do not like to use a stun gun you can also opt for a Mace lipstick pepper spray and hide it in your purse or even in your pocket.

Here is a nice video we found with college self defense tips.

As you can see there are many options to increase your campus safety with our non lethal self defense weapons and all of them are also very usable indoors.
A few more common tips are not to leave your dorm room or apartment door unlocked while you are home. A good tips is to add an extra lock or deadbolt if that is allowed.

Do not share or give a key to someone you do not know well enough to trust with your life because that is what it basically could mean.