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Help And Hotlines

There are moments that you need help and got no idea where to turn to. We have found several emergency hotlines for many cases.

National Domestic Violence Hotline 24/7

1-800-799-SAFE (7233)

1-800-787-3224 (TTY)

Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network24/7

1-800-656-HOPE (4673)

National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline 24/7

1-866-331-8453 (TTY)

National Sexual Violence Resource Center

717-909-0715 (TTY)

National Center for Victims of Crime, Stalking Resource Center


1-800-211-7996 (TTY)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

1-800-273-TALK (8255) 24/7
1-888-628-9454 (Spanish)
1-800-799-4889 (TTY)

National Center on Elder Abuse


National Child Abuse Hotline


If you are aware of any hotline that you would like us to add to this list feel free to contact us or just leave a comment for us to take a look at it. If it is helpful for our readers we will add it to this hot-line list to help our readers.


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10 Common Sense self Defense tips For Men

ten self defense tips for menMen can become the victim of an assault it is just different then for woman. Men are most of the time better in defending themselves but there are ways to avoid a confrontation most of the time.

We have found an article that gives 10 self defense tips for men and shared it here. We also suggest to always carry any kind of self defense weapon on you. Have a look at our store to find the one that fits your lifestyle.
Here is one very important tip!

Increasing personal safety ALWAYS commences with awareness

Since most men may be attacked in almost any situation and for a wide-ranging variety of reasons I offer the following advice.

Here is a list of ten simple things that you can do immediately that will increase your safety:

1 – Most men get involved in physical trouble as a result of saying something rude, offensive, tactless, stupid or hurtful. Controlling what comes out of your mouth can keep it in good shape. Think before you speak.

2 – If a fight breaks out in a bar – leave immediately. Go before all the drunks and brawlers start swinging chairs, bottles, glasses and punches. A “free for all” usually starts with just two protagonists. Innocent bystanders often get hit. Those who leave all the fools to bash each other do not.

3 – NEVER attempt to mediate an argument between a man and a woman. Both will cease arguing or fighting with each other and turn on you – the common enemy. If you fear for the woman’s safety, call the police.

4- Understand that many people these days have a cocktail of drugs and booze in their veins. It makes them argumentative, aggressive and “Mike Tyson-esque.” Avoid people who are “off the planet.” Even a casual glance at them can set them off. Leave them with their own demons.

5- Don’t make the fatal mistake of thinking that ANYBODY fights “fair” any more. Those days are over – they have been since the John Wayne era! Expect multiple attackers, weapons, possibly both.

6 – The cemeteries are full of dead heroes. Don’t add to their number. Run if you can. There is no shame in avoiding a fight. In fact, running away is smart.

7 – Recognize objects in every room of your home that could be used as makeshift weapons. Home invasion is a growing curse these days due to the unwillingness of our governments to protect their citizens.

8 – THIS IS MORE OF A LEGAL WARNING: Understand that if you allow yourself to be placed in a “compromising” position with a woman, particularly one who is “under-age,” then the woman’s version of events will usually be believed over the man’s version. Do not allow yourself to get into such situations.

9 – Negotiation is a far higher art form than physical confrontation. Do anything reasonable to avoid a fight. NOTHING good ever comes out of conflict. War is proof of that.

10- When all else fails, your back is to the wall and there is absolutely no other alternative left remember… “it is better to be trialed by twelve than carried by six.”

Remember my opening words – “increasing personal safety ALWAYS commences with awareness.” Increase your awareness, mind your manners, know your surroundings and you will certainly improve your safety.

We hope this article we found will help you stay safe and avoid a confrontation. We also recommend the 10 self defense tips for woman and share it with your friends.

Feel free to share these 10 self defense tips with anyone you think that might benefit from them.


C&E Security

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10 Self Defense Tips For Woman

10 self defense tips for womenWoman are more victim of being attacked then ever it seems. We have found 10 Powerful Self Defense Tips For Women.

Here are facts about them and tips we found to avoid them.

  • In the USA, every two minutes a woman is being raped.
  • A recent survey revealed that 50% of Canadian women have experienced an incident of sexual assault or physical violence.
  • In Australia, 19% of women aged 18 to 24 experienced an act of violence in the last year.
  • Statistics show that one in very four women in America will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime.

These are SHOCKING statistics!

We suggest every woman to carry a self defense weapon and that is why we made a section on our website filled with self defense products for ladies.
This is what the writer of this article has to say.

For more than 30 years I have been running specialized self defense courses and seminars. Over that time I have shown thousands of people how to protect and look after themselves.

Increasing personal safety ALWAYS commences with awareness.

Since most women fear attacks of a sexual nature more than anything else most of my quick tips are geared towards that.

If you are a woman, here is a list of ten simple things that you can do immediately that will increase your safety:

1 – Do not wear revealing clothing in public places. Doing so will ensure that you attract plenty of attention, including attention from those people with evil intent. Be discrete and leave provocative wear to those times when you can enjoy the intimacy of your partner.

2- Trust your instincts. Women are very intuitive. If you think a situation might be dangerous then it probably is. That little guardian angel should be trusted rather than ignored.

women's safety in today's society3 – Rape and other sexual assault is always increasing. In the event of the worst outcome use your fingernails to gouge your attacker’s cheek. It marks him for identification and you will have DNA under your nails.

4 – Drive your motor vehicle in a courteous manner. Nobody appreciates rude hand signs. Remember – eventually you have to stop, even if it is to refuel. Psycho cases might follow you for many miles “just to teach you a lesson” – all because you made yourself a target to their twisted minds.

5 – Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, taking mind altering drugs and leaving ANY food or drink unattended where it may be tampered with is a recipe for disaster. Give your self an even chance.

6 – NEVER pick up hitch-hikers and ABSOLUTELY NEVER hitch-hike yourself.

7 – If you live alone make sure that all your mail is addressed by just your first initial followed by your surname. Never allow mail to be addressed to you with salutations like Miss, Mrs, Ms or with your christian or given name. Those letters and parcels pass many eyes before they get to you. Change them. Make them nondescript as to your sex and marital status. Why allow anybody even one extra shred of information about you?

8 – NEVER walk alone at night or at any time in isolated areas. Predators love these locations. Avoid them.

9 – Many sexual acts are committed by people who the victims knew – or, at least, thought they knew! Be friendly and polite by all means but be vigilant for tell-tale signs of “strange” behavior. Do NOT flirt. Be firm about any unwanted attention, particularly in the work place.

10 – Sexual attack is usually preceded by some visual sign, which is usually preceded by some verbal approach before the physical action. Recognize the sequence: the look – the talk – the attack.

Please feel free to distribute this safety list to every woman you care for.The only condition is that the resource box remains intact and that this article is not altered in any way.

There are so many predators out there. Let’s help our women to PROTECT themselves! Don’t let somebody YOU know become the next victim.

I hope after reading this article we found you maybe found ways to help you increase your safety.
Feel free to share this article to everyone you think that might need it.

With these tips and the help of a self-defense weapon for woman like a stun gun or pepper spray you should be able to keep yourself safe and protected. If you have a partner than let him read the 10 common self defense tips for men. These tips are just as valuable as the tips in this article.

C&E Security

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Pepper Spray Information And Facts

pepper spray information and factsThere is a lot of pepper spray information and facts available but not all information is based on facts and sometimes copied from other sources without checking for accuracy. I have tried to dig a little deeper and did a lot of reading to find out more information about pepper spray and try to make this article the place to go for all you ever wanted to know about pepper spray.

What is pepper spray

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Pepper spray is what is official called a lachrymatory agent. the word Lacrimae means tear in Latin and that is why it is also called tear gas.
A lachrymatory agent is a chemical compound that irritates the eyes and causes them to tear, be painful and cause temporary blindness.

The product was used first in law enforcement to be used as a less lethal form of protection for police officers to restrain a person easier. Then there was the use as an animal repellent as a defense against dogs and even bears.
The pepper spray is basically a non lethal product although there are rare cases that it might have been a contributing factor in a death.

What is the difference between pepper spray and mace

Many people think that it are two different types of pepper. Mace is however a brand name and is a pepper spray.
We sell them in our store under the Mace pepper spray category if you would like that particular brand. This also answers the question which is more effective Mace or pepper spray since they are the same product.

How is pepper spray made

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The main ingredient in pepper spray is called Capsaicin and this is chemically derived from plants in the Capsicum family and this includes chili’s.
Most of the time the pepper is finely grounded and and than ethanol is used to extract the capsaicin from it.
The ethanol is then evaporated and what is left is the oleoresin capsicum and after that it is most of the time called OC.

How is the pepper spray heat measured

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how do you measure pepper spray heat
Here we get in a little shady area. There is no official regulated method to describe the strength of the pepper spray you buy. Every company has its own claims and do not use the same method.
For example there are six different type of capsaicinoids that all cause a different level of irritation.

There are several methods that are used to tell you how hot the pepper spray is.

  • OC percentage
  • Scoville heat
  • Major Capsaicinoids

What does Oc Percentage stand for

Like I mentioned OC stands for oleoresin capsicum and it is believed that a higher percentage hurts and burns more.
It basically measures the percentage of active ingredient in the pepper spray.
Problem is that there are more and less potent peppers and thus a 10% can be hotter than a 20% depending on the used peppers and the level of hotness of them.

Scoville heat

This scale is used to measure the heat of chili peppers and is also used to measure the heat of pepper spray. It was invented in 1912 by a pharmacist called Wilbur Scoville to measure the amount of capsaicin in a pepper. Capsaicin is the chemical that that provides the heat.
Problem with this test it that it is based on the humans that samples this diluted solution. This makes it not very accurate.

Major Capsaicinoids

This seems to be the most accurate test for the hotness of pepper spray and is done in a laboratory with the use of a chromatography testing device. Since the price for these test are high and it is not regulated most companies do not use this but refer to OC and Scoville heat.

My Opinion! I do not care too much about claims made on how strong a particular pepper spray is. They all hurt bad enough to take your attacker out and beg for mercy. More important is how easy it is to use and to carry on you.

Hottest Pepper Sprays

How much heat should you go for

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Like I mentioned it is my opinion that the amount of OC or Scoville is not that important. Have you ever had something burning in your eyes like pepper? Did you care how hot the pepper was? Probably not. All you cared about was how to get it our of your eyes I guess.
Higher OC or Scoville will probably burn even more, but a lower rating used in the right way will cause more discomfort than a higher rating used wrong.

Pepper spray effects

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A common question is what happens if you get sprayed with pepper spray and how long the effects last.
Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent and in general will make you shut your eyes immediately and gives you a runny nose and difficulty breathing. The effect of this usually will last between 30 and 45 minutes depending on the strength of the pepper spray. Before all the complaints are gone might however take several hours.In general pepper spray has no long term effect on your health unless you are exposed to it repeatedly then it might damage the cornea of they eye.

Treatment for pepper spray

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There is not a whole lot you can do after being sprayed with tear gas as people also call pepper spray.
Stay calm, don’t touch your eye and flush them with water is probably the best first thing to do.
I read that milk takes out some of the burning sensation and another tip I read was to use 1 part Dawn liquid dish soap and 4 parts water.
If you wear contact they should be removed with clean fingers and be thrown away.
Try not to swallow, rinse your mouth with water and spit
Clothes that are effected have to be removed and washed.

Video of real pepper spray use

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Best way to use pepper spray

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in case of a real emergency there is no time to think about how to use a pepper spray the best way.
all you do is get your pepper spray out and press the release button to spray as effective as possible.

Don’t overthink this and practice as much as you can without really using your pepper spray. Take it out of your purse, pocket, holster or any place you hide your pepper spray and practice to get it as fast as you can. This should be such and automatic response that you don’t have to even think anymore.

If there is a situation that you can predict that there is a possibility that you maybe need your pepper spray then try to get the situation changed in a way that you have the over hand and control where your attacker is coming from.

Try to spray him or her with the wind in your back. also try to make your getaway path in a position that you can stay away from you attacker. Meaning that you can turn around and run to find help or call the police.
If you have sprayed your attacker the right way you will not have any problem running for help. He or she will be totally helpless for a while and this will give you the opportunity to get away.

Can pepper spray cause permanent blindness?

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The eyes will be one of the most effected parts of your body if you ever get sprayed with pepper spray. There is nothing you can doe about that. This is a physical reaction to the pepper spray.
There is not enough evidence to support that pepper spray can cause permanent blindness. There are however eye doctors that are convinced that repeated exposure will damage the cornea of the eye.

Is pepper spray legal?

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Pepper spray is legal in many states. There are however restrictions in some states and even in some cities or counties.
Before purchasing pepper spray in our store you should check the restrictions in you area.
Read our shipping restrictions to see where we do not ship to.

Best pepper spray for your situation – Our tips.

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if you are just in need of an all round pepper spray I suggest that a Wildfire key chain pepper spray is a good choice. Our best pepper sprays for key-chain pepper are a very universal products that can be used in many situations and will always be with you on your keys. They can be taken of the key ring and carried on your hand also. Some of them are small enough to take with you in your pocket or a purse. Very versatile and very hot. for ladies we have several fashionable colors including pink.

Pepper spray for runners and joggers

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If you like to do some running and hiking I recommend our Mace dog pepper spray as a the one to use. This one can be carried in your hand while running just like others keep a small water bottle on them. By keeping it in your hand it is ready to use whenever the situation calls for it.

pepper spray for cycling

The average cyclist knows that dogs and other animals can be attracted by you passing by.
If you are riding your bicycle on the road only I would recommend either the pepper spray for joggers we did above or our ultrasonic dog repellent with strobe light. This high frequency sound is something that dogs really do not like to hear.

If you are more into riding a mountain bike in the country there is a change on encountering many animals from bobcat to even bears. In that case we recommend to keep one of our bear sprays on your bicycle in the holder for your water bottle. The most sold one is the Guard Alaska spray since this one also works on a wet bear. It is mentioned as the best pepper spray for bears in many articles and travel guides.

Pepper spray for self defense

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This is a question we get a lot and is not easy to answer. It all depends on your lifestyle and many other things. For example if you spend a lot of time on the road in your car I would recommend the sun visor pepper spray to for your car. To be honest I have on in my car also.

If you are a lady and need some more fashionable pepper spray we have a large selection of pepper sprays that can be warn on a key ring and are ready to use at any moment. Our top seller is the pepper spray key chain in pink and red.

As a woman I can understand that you would like to have more choices to use a pepper spray depending on the activity your are planning on having for that day. That is why I created a whole page with pepper sprays for woman in our store for your to choose from.

If you like to go full force the best product to use for self defense and protection is the Mace pepper gun in silver or pink.
With its capacity up to 20 feet and the fact that it even works upside down this is a very powerful self defense weapon. Refillable and practice cartridges available to become proficient in the use of this pepper spray gun.

Pepper spray training

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Although it is great having a pepper spray on you all the time I think you should practice with it to make sure you can use it under a stress full situation like an attack.
One way of doing this is to use the inert practice pepper spray in our store.

With this very cheap water filled pepper spray you can practice any situation and make sure that you are an expert in using a self defense pepper spray at all times.

Is bear spray the same as pepper spray?

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This is a question we get a lot and it is understandable to think that any pepper spray would also work on a bear, but this is not the case. A regular pepper spray comes with a higher concentration than a bear spray. This might sound strange but a bear nose is way more sensitive and this lower concentration is regulated by law. Bear spray is also larger and has more spraying power and packs more ounces. It needs this to spray the bear on a distance of around 20 – 30 feet. You can have a look at one of our strongest bear sprays through this link. We will probably write a whole article about the bear spray we have in our store.


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Stun Gun Information And Facts

stun gun information and facts
There is a lot of information and fact about stun guns available but it is scattered all over the internet. We have tried to add all you ever wanted to know about stun guns on this page. As soon as we find another question or piece of information about stun guns we will add it here to keep this article as updated as possible.

Table of Contents

About stun guns / Legal Use / High Voltage / How it works / How does it feel? / Types of stun guns / Most powerful stun guns / Testing a stun gun / Stun guns in our store

About Stun Guns

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Many people still think that a stun device is a lethal self defense product but this is not the case.
The Low amps in a stun gun mostly causes a painful experience for attacker.

Sometimes a high voltage stun gun is advertised as a better option and for more penetrating power.
We answered the question “do stun guns go through clothes” in this post.

A stun gun has two probes and will send an electric shock from one to the other probe and if there is skin in between the electric current will go from the skin through the nerve system and shut down some parts of the body. That is the basic effect of a stun gun on the human body.
This can, depending on where someone is stunned, cause a temporarily muscle contraction and so much discomfort that the attacker most of the time will change his mind.
The best place to stun gun someone is on bare skin. This will make it easier for the electric current to flow and incapacitate the attacker.

How long a stun gun incapacitate depends on the place where you stun in combination with the voltage and amps of the used stun gun.
Moat of the time it is temporary and can range from a few seconds to a minute. This means that a stun gun can knock you out it will not leave any permanent damage to a healthy person.

Warning about legal use of stun guns

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Our Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Baltimore County, MD, or the city of Philadelphia, PA. Check you local laws before purchasing a stun gun or pepper spray.

Why a high voltage stun gun can be better

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A high voltage stun gun has an advantage over a lower voltage stun device.
The higher voltage will give more penetration force if you have to stun someone through his clothes.
That is the only advantage. Most companies use it as a sales pitch as if it has more stunning power.
This is not true. The power comes from the amps and not from the voltage although more voltage might give more inconvenience. The question we see a lot is that people ask how many volt is enough.

Voltage and amps of a stun gun

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This should answer that question about how much volt you need. An electric device uses volts and amps.
Volts can basically not kill someone.
Have you ever been on a farm with an electric fence? This is just high volts and low amps.
Amps however, even as low as 1 amp, can kill someone.
A stun gun that is called a high powered stun gun will most of the time not have a lot of amps.
This is 3 or 4 thousands of one ampere. Way below the power to kill someone.

A 3 to 4 milliamps is already a high powered stun gun. In our store we have some of the highest voltage stun guns that also carry high amps.

How does a stun gun stop an attack?

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For a stun gun to be effective you have to touch your attacker with it.
The best place is the skin but most stun guns and the high voltage series will go through clothes also.
The way a stun gun stops an attacker is through the voltage and the amps in the stun gun.

As soon as you activate the stun gun it will discharge its voltage and the low amps into your attacker.
This will cause a lot of pain and if you keep touching him it will cause a muscle contraction.
When you keep going it will eventually bring him down to the ground because he will loose his balance and orientation.

Here is my advice. Forget all manuals. Shock him as long as you can and then run. Call the cops or find help.

How does it feel to be stunned

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I would not advice you to test it on yourself. There are many YouTube videos of people getting stunned available if you would like to watch that.

I have never been stunned but people told met that it feels like hitting your funny bone but then ten-thousand times worse.

Update: I did stun myself by accident. I charged my flashlight stun gun in the house and wanted to check the LED light of it after charging. I forgot however that I pushed the button to far and activated the stun function while I had my fingers on the probes on the front. Just stunned my finger tips and this already hurts like hell. Now I can imagine a little how it feels to be stunned in a more sensitive area.

Can you be stunned while stunning someone

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This is a question we get a lot and the answer is a simple NO.

All the energy will stay in your attacker and even when you touch him while using a stun gun it will not flow into your body. Reason is in my opinion that the electric flow goes from one probe to the other probe and in this way it will not effect you when you touch you attacker.

Types of stun devices

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There are many types of stun guns available and there is one for every situation.
I prefer to have a flashlight stun gun for in my car . The flashlight always comes in handy and makes the stun gun look less like a stun device since it is hidden in a normal usable LED flashlight. Most of them are rechargeable and come with charger for the car and one for in your house.

A woman might prefer a lipstick stun gun for in her purse. This will look like a normal lipstick but your attacker will find out that this is not the case.

An option that is becoming more popular is a Cell phone stun gun. This just looks like a cell phone but it is a high powered stun gun. Many people walk, jog and shop with a cell phone in their hand. That makes this a perfect disguised stun device.

The ultimate isA taser. But this is different type of stunning device and can not be compared to a stun gun although legally it is considered the same,

Cons of a stun gun

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A stun gun even if it looks like a flashlight, cell phone or lipstick is only effective if you are close to your attacker.
That is the only disadvantage. You have to be close enough to touch him or her and preferably on bare skin.
Although firing a stun gun in the air for one or two seconds already can make any attacker think twice to continue with his action. They know this sound from the many law enforcement shows on TV.
A stun gun is only effective if properly charged or with fresh batteries. An empty stun gun will do no harm to anyone. Is this a con? Yes maybe but if you keep it charged and check this at least once a month there will be no problem.

What is the most powerful stun gun

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This question we get a lot and also see it a lot on the internet. My opinion is that the most powerful stun gun is the one you learn to use in as many circumstances as possible.
Teach your self to find and unlock it in every situation you can imagine.
Practice and don’t take this lightly since it might safe your life maybe.

Every weapon is only as good as you are able to use it. The most powerful stun gun is worthless unless you know how to use it in every situation. One other tip is to keep it charged!

Testing a stun gun

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Test firing a stun gun is good a to test if its still charged enough.
Be aware that firing a stun gun in the air should only be done for one or two seconds.
A longer test might cause damage to the device and make it mail function.

The stun guns in C and E Security

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CandE Stun gunsA stun gun is one of the most effective non lethal self defense devices available.
Just the sound of stun-guns alone will make most attackers think twice before they continue.

On this page you will find links to all the stun guns in our store. Organized in a way that it is easy to find the stun gun for your specific situation.


Our 2 categories of Stun Guns

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Stun gun with safety pin

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Some of our stun guns are equipped with what is called a safety pin or safety strap.
This means that if someone would pull it out of your hand it will remove the pin that is attached to the strap on your wrist and makes us unusable foe then to use against you.The trigger flashlight stun gun with safety pin is on of the best sellers in the stun gun with safety pin category.

Rechargeable Stun Gun Flashlights

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rechargeable flashlight stun gunsThere are benefits in having a rechargeable stun gun flashlight.
One of the main benefits is that you will not have to buy any batteries anymore for a long time. But that is an obvious one of course

Although the name rechargeable sound like you never have to buy batteries anymore this is not entirely true.
Like we all know from our other devices like alarm clocks or even laptops a battery does not last for ever.
So, even in the rechargeable flashlight stun gun category we have to keep our eye on the lifespan of them.

What can make your battery last longer or shorter

There are different opinions about the flashlight stun gun charging time and when to charge any battery powered product.
Many mention to let the battery go almost dead all the way before charging but lately I read more that it is better not to let the charge go below 30% before charging any device and this will make the battery last longer.

Temperatures and especially low temperatures can drain a battery faster than you would like to see it happen and decrease their lifespan. This is reason enough to keep the one in your car out of direct sunlight if you can.

How to see if the battery goes bad

One easy way to find out if the battery is at the end of its life is when you have to charge it more often than you use to do.
This is a very good indication that it is time to buy a new rechargeable battery for your stun gun.

It is also a good indicator if the charging time is starting to get shorter.
An older battery that is going bad will appear to look charger faster but actually what it does it is not holding a charge and the cells are going bad.

With a high voltage flashlight stun gun combination you might need to charge it even longer than a lower voltage since the stun gun just needs more juice.

Best flashlight stun gun

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The best buy is a stun-gun that comes with an LED light, a charger for home and one for in the car.
We have two top sellers that combine these two charging options.

Most of our other flashlight stun gun combinations come with chargers for home. And some of them have the prongs attached to them for easy charging and no need for

I have read that some people call this type of stun gun a rechargeable police flashlight with stun gun and most of the ones in our store will fit this description very well.
Find the one that fits your need and budget for a great way of protecting yourself with a non lethal self defense weapon in the form of a stun gun.

In my opinion a rechargeable stun gun with LED flashlight is one of the best non lethal self defense products to have on you or to keep in your car. Just be careful to read you local and state laws to make sure you are allowed to buy a stun gun.

stun gun flashlight combinations A stun gun flashlight is a perfect combination.
We all need to have a LED flashlight in our car for emergencies. Why not turn it into a combo with a rechargeable stun gun and be protected at the same time.
This turns the LED flashlight stun gun into a perfect self defense product that can be used in two ways.

  • Bright LED flashlight to blind your attacker
  • Strong stun gun to stun him

In our store we have several products that will fit your needs. Safety and protection wise a stun gun and flashlight is a perfect combination.
Click here to see all the Flashlight stun guns we have available for your protection in our store.

The flashlight will come in handy in any situation and the stun gun will protect you in any situation.
An LED flashlight uses a lot less electricity then a regular older type with one of them small light bulbs in it.
This means that if you do not use the stun gun option the battery will last a longer time than that old flashlight you have or had.

One option that we have available is a modern product ant this is a cell phone stun gun that comes with a 12 million volts and a built in flashlight like most modern cell phones have.
This one you can carry on you like a normal cell phone and your attacker will be surprised when you take it out of you pocket to stun him.

Flashlight stun gun models we have in our store

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Bashlite stun gun flashlight

The Baslite stun gun in our store comes in the 2 colors black and camouflage and contains a whooping 15 million volt and what is even more stunning a 4.7 milliamps to stop your attacker right away. You can have a Bashlite stun gun flashlight by clicking on the link and see all the features

Stunmaster covert flashlight stun gun

One of our best selling stun gun flashlight combinations is the Stunmaster covert stun gun that comes with a charger for in the car and one for at home or the office.
If you click on here on the covert Stunmaster 9 million volts stun flashlight combination you can read all the features.


Stun Master 18 million volts and mobile charger

stun master mobile charger stungun Stun Master 18.000.000 Volts stun gun with a built in practical and easy to use charger for mobile devices.
Click here to see all the features.

What is the best flashlight stun gun combination

We get a lot of questions what the best stun gun flashlight is. It is hard to give an answer on this question.
It depends on your specific situation and where you will use. All I can suggest is to buy the best quality you can afford. We have several that are made of hard plastic and several that are made of air craft aluminum in their housing. If you are a heavy user of a flashlight the air craft aluminum is maybe the best for you. If you only need it once in a while and not carry it around a lot the hard plastic that is a little cheaper is maybe your best combo.

Click on one of the links to see all our what we call the best stun gun flashlight combinations for your security.

Flashlight Stun Gun With Disable Pin

flashlight stun gun with disable pinSome people wonder why it can be a good idea to have a flashlight stun gun that also comes with a disable pin.
It is pretty easy to explain why a flashlight stun gun itself is a great choice when it comes to a non lethal self defense product.

Flashlight is a bear necessity

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A flashlight is something that we all should have in our house or car.
Or even in both. Have you ever looked for your flashlight in your car and just remembered that you used it at home and forgot to put it back in your car? I have done that several times.
Reason enough to have one in both places.

Why a flashlight stun gun with disable pin

I can hear you ask this question and the answer is simple.
In my opinion it is not a necessity, but an extra layer of protection and self defense.
Some people call this safety feature also a stun gun with safety pin. It is basically the same thing of course.

In a situation that you are forced to use your flashlight as a stun gun there is a slight possibility that your attacker is maybe not impressed with the sound that your high voltage stun gun makes and tries to get it from you.

In this situation it is good that there is a disable pin that will make it impossible for him or her to turn the tables and use it on you instead you using it in him.

What does the disable pin do?

In general a disable pin does what the name says. It disables the use of the stun option of the flashlight and even makes it unusable as a flashlight in most cases.

This leaves it completely useless in the hands of someone else or if the attacker is in possession of your stun gun.

It can also be a good idea if you have on at home and your children try to “play” with it while it is for example on the charger.

As you can read a flashlight stun gun with disable pin can have some benefits and give some extra safety.

Recommended models in our store

We have two of them in our store that we can recommend.

A stun gun with the extra feature of a disable pin can give you that extra layer of security and keep you safe from being stunned by your own stun gun.

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Basically a taser and a stun gun are the same. The main difference is that a taser will shoot the probes in your attacker and the probes on a stun gun will stay there and you have to touch your attacker with them.  Reason that a taser is more effective is that the probes that you shoot out of the taster are more spread out on you attackers body and this will cause the current to affect a larger area of his nerve system.

So the answer is what you prefer. Legally a taste is the same as a stun gun. Stun guns might be easier to hide but a taser can be more effective since you can stay at a distance of your attacker.

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Staying Safe In The New Year

Safety and protection in the new year that is coming our way is even more important than in most recent years.
There seem to be more personal attacks on people than we have ever seen.
Guns sales are rising and the number of news items about violence are also increasing.

Personal protection in 2017

This is a good reason to start thinking about your and your family personal protection in this new year.
Although many blogs and news articles suggest that carrying a gun on you is one of the best options for self defense we at C&E Security have a different opinion about that.

First of all it is not allowed in every state or even certain cities to carry a deadly weapon on you and second of all it takes time and classes to follow a concealed carry class and get approved by your state police for this license.

On the other hand Stun guns and pepper sprays are allowed in about every state and you do not need a permit to carry it on you.
A pepper spray or stun gun is easy to conceal and most attackers do not expect to get tased or sprayed in the face with items that look like something we all have on us.

Although we have nothing against guns and own a few our self we do believe that using deadly force should be a last resource and that we have enough non lethal self defense products available to do so.

Non lethal self defense options

Examples of easy to conceal items that contain a stun guns or pepper spray are easy to find in our non lethal self defense products shop.
We can mention a few like lipstick pepper spray and lipstick stun gun for woman or a flashlight stun gun for man to carry in the door compartment of your car.

These flashlight with build in stun guns are giving you a triple use. They can be used in case of an emergency as a regular flashlight.
From a safety point of few you can blind your attacker and stun him with the same product.

More options to stay safe in 2017

One of the easiest ways to stay safe is called “common sense” and it is also free.
It just makes sense to think about you safety in every situation and to avoid situations that can turn into a disaster.

Examples are things like using an ATM after dark. Try to use them in daylight and if you really have to use one at night be sure to find one that is at the front of the building and not in a dark parking in the back.

Another example is going to the store after dark. Just by thinking logical and park you car close to the store in a spot with enough light you can prevent any problem already. If you still do not feel safe ask a employee of the store to walk with you to you car I think that they will be most willingly to do so.

You see that safety and staying safe does not have to be hard to implement in our daily lives.
Common sense and trying to avoid possible risky places at certain times can be more than sufficient to stay safe in 2017.

The entire staff of C and E Security wishes you a safe and blessed 2017.

Edward and Carolyn.

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Lipstick Stun Gun With Flashlight And Charger

lipstick stun gun with flashligt and charger

lipstick stun gun with flashlight and charger Who will expect a powerful stun gun hidden in a lipstick and also containing an led flashlight.
This stun-master lipstick stun gun with flashlight is the perfect self defense product for woman andcomes with a handy charger to keep the amps and voltage to the maximum to shock any attacker and make him change his mind real fast.


lipstick stun gun review

I found a video on YouTube from a review of the Stun-Master lipstick stun gun we have in our store.

You can see the lipstick stun gun here in our lipstick stun-gun selection by clicking on that link.
The Stunmaster is available in 5 fashionable colors to match you outfit at any time.
3.000.000 volts in combination with the 4.2 milliamps will hurt your attacker as you can see in the video.

By using this lipstick stun gun there is also the element of surprise that will bring your attacker of balance and give you the time to run or call for help.

The video shows that how longer the stun gun is hold to the attacker the more discomfort he will feel.
In the video he knew it was coming and already fell of his chair. Picture this in a situation that he does not expect this to happen to him.

all you need is a couple of seconds to get away or have the opportunity to call for help and this self defense product will give you that change.
As you can see the built in flashlight is also a very handy feature. Even if you just use it to find something in the dark in your car or the keyhole of your car of house it will make you feel a lot safer.
In my opinion every woman should have multiple self defense products on her at all times. The lipstick stun gun with flashlight is a very affordable self defense product for woman that you can find in our store.

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Do Stun Guns Go Through Clothes

do stun guns go through clothesThere are people wondering if a stun gun will go through clothes and the simple answer is Yes !!
It is however depending on what kind of clothes.
If you ask me if a taser will go through a leather jacket I would so no in case of a regular stun gun.

If your attacker wears a leather jacket it might not work to good. After all leather is a very good insulator.

A police taster like we sell is a different story I think. It depends if the probes will go through the leather jacket and stick in the skin of the attacker or not.

There are also other places where you can stun someone. Even on a hand or in the neck.

We have found a short video form someone who stunned himself with 4 layers of clothing and as you can see it still hurt pretty bad.

Remember that the higher the voltage is the more penetrating power you have.
Look at our high voltage stun gun page to find the one that will suit your situation the best.

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Free Key Ring Pepper Spray

Our Free Key Ring Pepper Spray

Our free key ring pepper spray- only pay shipping and handling.
Normal Price $10.95 Now Free for you!!
We do not ship to New York, Massachusetts and Hawaii!!
==>> Not Available at this time!! <<== Sold out!!
Have a look at our keychain-pepper-sprays now and come back later to check for a freebie.


It is important for us to improve your safety. This give away product requires nothing than that you pay for shipping and handling.
This pepper spray is filed with a 10% pepper spray wit a 2.000.000 Scoville Heat Units. The very fine grade makes it to one of the most effective pepper sprays available.

This will bring your attacker to his knees with difficulty breathing and he will not be able to keep his eyes open.
It can take up to 45 minutes before he can open his eyes again and can breath normal. This gives you time to run away or get help.

This FREE PEPPER SPRAY has a quick release key chain and a locked button to prevent accidental discharge.
Effective up to 8 feet and you can spray 5 times for 1 second.

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Taser Products Law Enforcement

A taser is just a legal as any stun gun. Check you state requirements before you order any taser products from our store.
Warning: Stun Devices can not be shipped to Hawaii, New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Baltimore County, MD, or the city of Philadelphia, PA.

Taser bolt information and facts

Taser bolt picture  




Features of the Taser Bolt

  • Immobilize an attacker for 30 seconds to get away safely from up to 15 feet away
  • Discreet appearance with a light and compact form factor easily fits in a pocket
  • Powerful Lithium Battery provides over 50 firings
  • Use as a close proximity stun-gun backup without the cartridge or after the cartridge is fired
  • Low intensity light illuminates for better visibility
  • High-precision laser for greater accuracy
  • No license needed to carry openly or concealed in most states

Whats in the kit

  • TASER Bolt
  • 2 Live Cartridges
  • High-quality soft-carry sleeve
  • Lithium Power Magazine (This is not a rechargeable battery)
  • Practice Target
  • Bolt quick-start guide


  • Height: 2.10 inches (5.33 cm)
  • Length: 6.00 inches (15.24 cm)
  • Width: 1.25 inches (3.18 cm)
  • Weight (w/o Cartridge and LPM): 5.36 oz (152 g)
    Click here to see the ==>> Taser Bolt price and all the available accessories.

    Taser Pulse information and facts

    Pulse by Taser company
    The TASER Pulse. It is a high-tech, subcompact weapon with an intuitive, concealed carry design that packs the same knock-down punch used by law enforcement around the world. With the TASER Pulse you can reach an attacker from up to 15 feet away, immobilizing them for 30 seconds giving you time to make a Safe Escape.

    Features of the Taser Pulse

    • Subcompact design with intuitive user interface: The small size and pistol shape provides a familiar discreet carry capability
    • Shaved safeties and angled iron sights: For a comfortable concealed carry and prevention of snagging when withdrawing or re-holstering device
    • Advanced target acquisition: LASER assisted targeting, color contrasting iron sights, and powerful LED flashlight to help identify friend or foe
    • User replaceable battery: Battery lasts for approximately 50 30-second firings, and it features an illuminated battery status indicator light
    • Tactile trigger and safety
    • 15-foot safety range with back-up stun gun: Immobilize attackers at a safe distance
    • Safe Escape Product Replacement Program: If the TASER Pulse is used for self-defense and it is left at the scene, TASER will replace the device free of charge


    What’s in the Package

    • TASER Pulse
    • Replaceable lithium battery
    • 2 live cartridges
    • Conductive target
    • Protective soft cover
    • Pulse quick-start guide


    Dimensions of the Taser Pulse

    • Length: 5.25″
    • Height: 4.75″
    • Width: 1.25″
    • Weight: 0.5lbs (227g)

    Click here to see the ==>> Taser Pulse price and accessories.

    Taser bolt vs Taser c2

    The Taser bolt is the replacement of the C2. Although still available we think the C2 might be discontinued soon and that is why we do not sell the Taser C2. This newer models comes with some upgraded features.
    Click here to see the ==>> Taser Bolt price and all the available accessories.

    Taser pulse video from the Taser Company

    Difference between a taser and a stun gun

    Basically the stun gun and the taser do the same thing. They incapacitate an attacker by stunning his body with a high voltage and low amp electric charge.

    The difference is that to use a stun gun you have to actually come close enough to your attacker to be able to touch him with the stun gun.

    The taser however fires two prongs with little hooks in you attackers body and the charge will come from the taser you hold in your hand and activate with the trigger like a normal gun. The advantage is that you can stay away from you attacker and stun him from and distance.

    A stun gun is easier to hide than a taser in general. Stun guns can be carried in a pocket or in many other items like on a keychain or even in a small object like a ladies lipstick.

    The taser products we sell are the law enforcement quality you can see used by police officers. There is no difference in quality or strength.